Engage a trusted advisor as you take strategic and intentional steps in your career


Transform your team to consistently deliver shared results AND enjoy the journey!


Strengthen your impact in today’s changing culture and community


Create a path to success through
Vision, Alignment, and Execution

I’m starting a new role with some challenging goals. It’s a great opportunity and I need to get it right from day one. How can you help me sharpen my skills and be confident as I step into a bigger game?

Let’s craft a leadership action plan based on your personal strengths, behavior style, and motivation, so that you can create alignment and bring your real self to work every day.

Our leaders meet regularly to plan and execute on our goals. Then they go back to their work groups and do their own thing. How can we get everyone to be accountable for organizational results?

There are specific behaviors that drive team cohesiveness, and enable you to get the results you’re looking for. We can assess your team’s current level of effectiveness and provide both training and individual coaching to increase cohesiveness.

I’m a pastor and ministry leader. I often feel isolated and somewhat baffled by the changes in both culture and our church environment. I would like to get help with these challenges, but where do I find a safe place to  brainstorm and explore?

Working as a coach who is familiar with the limitations and constraints of your role,I can be an impartial guide and confidential sounding board as you reset your vision and move forward with new confidence.

As a coach, trainer and speaker, I work with people in corporate, nonprofit and religious professions who want insights on how to be more effective through a leadership style that honors personal values and plays to your strengths.
Managers and other professionals partner with me to design the path to a more intentional and successful career and life by maximizing their opportunities and impact.
I also serve pastors and ministry leaders as an impartial confidant as they navigate and prioritize their role in the context of change and develop practical actions forward.


Wherever you are in life, my goal is to walk with you to discover your strengths, clarify your values and overcome obstacles in your path forward. I will help you identify your blind spots and determine what is truly important to you in reaching your desired outcome.

What happens when you work with a coach?

Think of coaching as a story that is unfolding, and you are the major character in this story! You have a problem, or maybe it’s a challenge. There is an outcome that you desperately need. There are some barriers between you and that outcome. Or there may just be a steep climb, or unknown territory.

As your coach, I am your partner in developing a plan to overcome obstacles and achieve meaningful results. I ask questions and share intuitions to sharpen your clarity on the journey toward success and significance.

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Tom brought his Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Training to one of the teams at our campus. It was a great training and so helpful for all of our team members. Tom brought great insights to the team and facilitated great discussion. The Five Behaviors inventory and framework is a great model that our team used to grow together. I highly recommend Tom and this training for any team and organization!

 Stephen Davis, Ed.D. – Associate Principal, Rockwall High School

Tom has been instrumental in helping me successfully navigate through several experiences in my life. Through his coaching, I have discovered ways to utilize my unique gifts to not only accomplish my goals, but to also benefit others. He’s helped me bring clarity to several areas of my life that I have continuously struggled to understand. Tom is extremely caring, perceptive, and has the ability to ask pointed, thought-provoking questions that guide you in the direction you are looking to go.

Brandon – Microsoft Services

Tom facilitated a workshop for my team on The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ which I would highly recommend for any team beginning to work together. Throughout the workshop Tom exposed the group to scenarios of dysfunctional teams to help us discover our strengths. He asked questions of the group that were on-point which sparked a deeper level of conversation than we had ever had (and would have likely never have experienced if not for Tom). We are very grateful to have tapped into Tom’s expertise and are looking forward to working together as a team on our upcoming project.

Debra – Unreasonable Labs North Texas

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