As a professional worker and leader in a competitive and fast-paced environment, what are you doing to develop personal leadership and productivity skills?

What is your personal brand, clearly articulated, that you can take with you to your next role or position?

How do you interact effectively with coworkers–laterally, up, and down in your organization–or with customers, clients, and professional colleagues in other organizations or geographies?

It’s time to invest in yourself beyond corporate training and management process!


In your role it is easy to become isolated and feel along. How do you deal with the following challenges?

Culture no longer values churches and religious groups as in the past

Norms of church involvement and leadership are changing

Diminished support of religious organizations reduces your resources for development and self-care

I’ve spent some time in your space! Let’s work together on your new path to significance in leadership.


Are you new to a leadership role? Consider these themes as you prepare for the leadership role, or begin the journey leading a new project:

There are key processes that define and guide the work of a leader. Your success depends on your understanding and preparation.

Your behavior and personality style have a huge impact on your role as leader.

Investing in your own self-awareness and skills as a leader will be worth the effort when you see your dream, vision, and results have the impact you desire.


“Teamwork is the single most most untapped competitive advantage.” – Patrick Lencioni

How does your team work together to achieve collective results?

  • What is their level of trust?
  • Can they move from conflicting ideas to shared commitments?
  • How well do they hold each other accountable?

Discover the tools and behaviors of a cohesive team!